Check Out Our New ASEA Page – UBU and Healthy Too!


So, here’s the story …

After a year and a half in Colorado Springs, we moved back to Destin, FL. We’ve taken some time to get our family life pieced back together. And now we are re-launching both our website design business AND a new business endeavor of representing a major biotech company — ASEA!

On the UBU Enterprises side of things, we are settled back ...

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Hitting the Refresh Button!


There are several barriers to overcome in order to succeed in “solitary work” such running a small business, a home-based business or even telecommuting with a larger company (watch for a future blog post on this topic!) … but for me personally, the biggest issue is over-commitment to work.

I’m not bragging when I say that I have been known to be on the phone ...

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Caffeine, Glorious Caffeine!

Win a Starbucks Gift Card

Singing the praises of caffeine today in the UBU office, as we burn the candle at both ends (and sometimes in the middle) while we get caught up on projects. We are making great progress … and thought we’d share some useless caffeine trivia and host a giveaway!

  • Caffeine can be found in over 60 different plants.
  • Ninety percent of Americans consume ...
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