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Confession: The creative director at UBU Enterprises primarily uses an antiquated IE8 browser.

It’s true that a portion of this is laziness, and regardless of the fact that I have other more capable browsers installed, I commonly use the one that I am most familiar with … despite all its quirks.

But the larger reason for sticking to a semi-ancient version of Internet Explorer is that I am part of a professional web developer team. The design-y part of the team. And I want the websites we develop to look good across all browser platforms as much as possible. By utilizing the “lowest common denominator” to view sites we develop, I am picking up quirks and design flaws that our developers with more sophisticated browsers are missing.

And while it doesn’t make me popular with the developer team when I complain about the way something looks in IE, it does offer the best possible solution to our clients – which is, of course, the end goal. (And I can bake cookies and supply Redbull to get back in the good graces of the team, when necessary!)

I have heard all the arguments for creating only for modern browsers. I have seen the pretentious “your browser is out of date” messages. Yet still I return to the inescapable fact that many large corporations are still running legacy systems and old software because it would cost a fortune to upgrade. And they deserve a good looking site!

So, in the spirit of building better websites across the board, here is a comprehensive article that provides developer strategies for testing IE on different platforms. The comments also provide useful tools and strategies (along with the requisite “IE is dead” comments which you are free to overlook).


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