Cummins-Allison Corporation

A global leader in coin and currency handling solutions, we’ve worked with Cummins-Allison on a variety of projects from website design to display screen design to kiosk design/branding for their “Money Machine” coin counters — and about a zillion projects in between.

One featured project the UBU team successfully completed was the creation of a three-dimensional avatar — fondly nicknamed Maya — that was used on Cummins-Allison’s Casino Transaction Kiosk (CTK) machines. We designed each transaction screen and 3D animation that showed users visually how to use the machine to cashout their casino payout tickets.


  • Hosting
  • Website Design + Development
  • Microsite Development
  • eCommerce
  • Mobile Design
  • Campaign Landing Pages
  • 3-D Modeling + Animation
  • Branding + Marketing Strategy
  • Kiosk Design
  • Screen Design
  • Banner Advertising
  • SEO/SEM + Campaign Management
  • Copywriting

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