Ways to Improve Your Online Order Checkout Process – Infographic

Infographic - Shopping Cart Abandonment
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Our friends at Fifth Gear shared this Infographic with us that details the stats behind e-commerce shopping cart abandonment, and ways to improve your guest checkout process.

Personally, the main reason I typically quit an order before checkout is because the shipping and handling costs are too high. This recently happened when I tried to purchase a deeply discounted pair of shoes at an online store ...

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Support for Internet Explorer


Confession: The creative director at UBU Enterprises primarily uses an antiquated IE8 browser.

It’s true that a portion of this is laziness, and regardless of the fact that I have other more capable browsers installed, I commonly use the one that I am most familiar with … despite all its quirks.

But the larger reason for sticking to a semi-ancient version of Internet Explorer is ...

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