A Facelift for the Ministry

Previous Jill Monaco Ministries Website

***** Previous Jill Monaco Ministries Website *****

New Jill Monaco Ministries Website

***** NEW Jill Monaco Ministries Website *****

The UBU team is happy to announce the launch of a redesigned website for Texas non-profit Jill Monaco Ministries (http://www.jillmonaco.com). The redesigned site maintains the popular “A Grace Journey” blog, but also adds space for a new online webzine (Single Matters Magazine) to be launched in April 2013.

The main goal for the redesign was to brighten up the site, but this seemingly simple task morphed into a new logo design for the ministry, plus an overhaul of “look and feel” and content on the existing site.

According to web architect John Esling, “The client had purchased a WordPress theme that they wanted to continue to use although the color options built in to it were all much darker than what they had envisioned for their website. We also needed to increase the prominence of social media and connect links, and reorganize existing site content. All of this was accomplished in a fairly short amount of time, and the client is very satisfied with the resulting website.”

The aforementioned Single Matters magazine will be a resource to equip and empower single men and women to live a life that honors God … and the site is currently in pre-production. If you’d be interested in contributing to the editorial content, please contact editor@singlemattersmagazine.com.


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